Land Surveyor Training Programs and Requirements

There are two main types of training programs for land surveying- a two year long Associate of Applied Science in Surveying technology or a four year Bachelor of Science in Surveying Technology. Measurement theory, principles of land surveying, automated methods, data collection, boundary surveying methods, global positioning systems and survey computations include some of the concepts that are covered in both programs.

Some good universities offering courses in surveying technology are listed below.

Purdue University

The school of engineering at Purdue University offers a unique Minor in Land Surveying within their geomatics program. This Minor in Land Surveying is a 31 credit module that has ten courses within it along with an internship during the summer. To be eligible for this particular Minor program, one must have taken the core modules of Principle and Practice of geomatics, Engineering Surveying and GIS for Engineers. Along with these core modules, the school also asks for a minimum number of courses from Basic Engineering, Planning & Design and LS and Geomatics.

Ferris State University

Ferris State University's school of engineering offers a wide range of courses in surveying technology and mapping. The basic prerequisite for all programs is a strong academic background in mathematics (Calculus 1 or higher) with a Math ACT score of at least 26. The programs offered include Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering, Associate in Applied Science in Surveying Technology, Minor in Surveying and Mapping and a Certificate in Surveying. Recently, the University has also begun to offer an online Certificate Course in GIS.

Michigan School of Technology

Michigan Tech offers a Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering which is a 130 credit course. Within this program, apart from the conventional sciences of surveying and engineering, there is emphasis on GIS and its applications in surveying. The basic entry prerequisite for this course is a high school GPA of around 3.5. The average ACT composite score of class is usually 25.1 and Math ACT scores tend to be higher at 26.2.

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University of Maine

A Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering is offered by the University of Maine as a 126 credit (minimum) course. Along with academic training in the sciences of surveying and engineering the university also provides many opportunities for students to enroll for summer internships. Most of these internships are offered in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management. The minimum requirement required by the university for admission into this program is a high school graduation certificate with 4 English, 2 Algebra, 1 Geometry, 1/2 Trigonometry, 2 Lab Sciences, 2 History courses.

Alfred State College (SUNY College of Technology)

The Department of Civil Engineering Technology of Alfred State College offers a Bachelors program in Surveying Engineering Technology. This course is quite comprehensive with a focus towards the future of surveying and new advances such as Land information systems, GPS and GIS technologies. This course is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology. The minimum admission requirements for this course are a total SAT score of 1000 or an ACT composite score of 21. Math A and B courses must have been taken by the applicant in high school and a background is physics is preferred.

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